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Effective and Versatile, APSKIN Face Cream is a Skin Care Miracle in a Tube (Luxurious Magazine)

APSKIN 天然抗氧化力量 (Life)


Interview with Dr. Vincent Candrawinata (Malindo Air in-flight magazine, Malaysia)

This millennial doctor has found the holy grail of antioxidant supplements (8 Days Magazine, Singapore)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? How about a teaspoon of activated phenolics derived from apples? If Dr Vincent Candrawanata, the world’s youngest PhD holder in the field of food science and human nutrition, is to be believed, his breakthrough discovery will most definitely lead to an estranged relationship with your GP.

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I ate and applied this potent antioxidant for better skin and health (Her World Magazine, Singapore)

The supplement is said to boost energy levels as it fights free radical attacks on the cells, cancelling out the effects of pollution and damage. I found that I could power through the work day on most days when previously I struggled with fatigue.

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Why you should be taking this amazing supplement for your body and skin (Buro24/7, Singapore)

We've been trying Renovatio for about 10 days and have already noticed a change in our digestive systems after day three.

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A teaspoon of this is equivalent to the antioxidant potency of 2kg of apples (Asia 361, Singapore)

We’ve all heard a lot about supplements and the wonders they work, but do you really heed them? We are guilty of brushing these adverts off because sometimes, it’s hard to understand the mishmash of ingredients, and even harder to believe that such small amounts can do any substantial good. Renovatio, however, is set to change that.

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Harnessing the natural superpower of apples antioxidant supplement by Renovatio (Blog: Martini Blanc, Singapore)

The old adage goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, The saying dates back as far as the 1860s, and apples have always been well-known for their healthy properties.

Renovatio founder Dr Vincent Candrawinata has taken the power of apples a step further when he discovered Activated Phenolics through a unique anti-oxidant extraction technology.

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Renovatio - Activated Phenolics + APSKIN antioxidant skin care (Blog: Xavvy-licious, Singapore)

It is not easy to find a supplement that can cater to the whole family until I spoke to Dr Vincent Candrawinata, scientist from University of Newcastle and founder of Renovatio, about Activated Phenolics.

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As featured in Malindo Air in-flight magazine, Malaysia

Developed at Newcastle University, APSKIN is a face cream scientifically formulated from apples, nature's best source of broad spectrum antioxidant.


Can apples hold the keys to flawless skin (Daily Mail, United Kingdom)

The young scientist who created a potent antioxidant supplement from apples is now working on his next project.

World's most potent antioxidant, Activated Phenolics, has arrived in Singapore (Blog:, Singapore)

Said to be the ‘superhero of antioxidants’, Activated Phenolics is described to be 12 times stronger than any other antioxidant. It was introduced to the Australian market in 2016 and has now arrived in Singapore a year later.

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Scientist develops most potent superfood on the planet (University of Newcastle, Australia)

University of Newcastle (UON) scientist, Dr. Vincent Candrawinata has developed the most potent dietary antioxidant available anywhere in the world, following a remarkable breakthrough in antioxidant extraction technology.

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Scientists claims new apple product may offer new level of protection against cancer (The Daily Telegraph, Australia)

A Central Coast scientist is claiming to have developed the most potent cancer-fighting superfood on the planet - all out of an apple.

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Apple research scientist makes antioxidant discovery that could benefit human health (Courier Mail, Australia)

“My biggest motivation has always been to play a role in the human race,” says Dr, Vincent Candrawinata, founder of Renovatio Bioscience. “As a scientist I have to use my expertise to make peoples life’s better. This is my contribution towards humanity and the world.”