Activated Phenolics

Phenolic antioxidants

Phenolics are powerful broad spectrum antioxidants that have a wide range of proven health benefits. In their natural form they occur in plants, and we take them into our body through the fruit and vegetables we eat. Unfortunately, like other antioxidants, phenolic antioxidants are difficult for the body to absorb. Typically the rate of absorption is only 5%. 

Phenolic antioxidants have a number of advantages over other dietary antioxidants. The main advantage is their ability to stabilise, neutralise and remove a wider range of free radicals from your body. This is because they have many more hydroxyl (OH/HO-) groups, which are the key to catching and neutralising free radicals.

The diagram below illustrates the comparison between a phenolic antioxidant and a common antioxidant

What are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are unstable chemical compounds in the body that are constantly looking to steal parts of healthy molecules from our cells. They attack our body at the cellular level, damaging the DNA coding of cells, making the cells unstable. This in turn, creates more free radicals and if not combated by antioxidants, can lead to a range of serious inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

Unfortunately, free radicals are unavoidable and everyone at all ages is exposed to the cellular damage they cause. Free radicals are created within the body as by-products of normal chemical reactions. They also enter the body through the food we eat and the air we breathe.

If there is enough of the right type of antioxidants within the body, free radical damage to cells is prevented. In fact, the power of antioxidants is to convert free radicals into harmless compounds that can be excreted safely from the body.

The body has a natural antioxidant system to combat free radicals, however, polluted modern environments and unhealthy eating can cause a significant excess of free radicals which potentially leads to respiratory, digestive and other serious disorders.

Supplementing the body’s natural defence against free radicals, with the right antioxidants, is more important now than ever because of the environment we live in.

Antioxidant Potency and Synergy

The potency of an antioxidant depends on the number of hydroxyl (-OH/HO-) groups it carries. In addition, different antioxidants neutralise different types of free radicals.

To effectively combat free radicals, the body needs a broad spectrum of antioxidant types that are also highly potent. These antioxidants need to be bioavailable (easily absorbed by the body), synergistically work with the body’s antioxidants, and resist pro-oxidation.

There has been much research into identifying the types of antioxidants that meet the body’s needs. Up until now, there has not been a way of safely extracting and activating the most potent dietary antioxidants without the use of chemical solvents.

Research at The University of Newcastle, Australia, which began in 2010, has led to the successfully development of a world first phenolic antioxidant product that offers a 100% natural true broad spectrum antioxidant, significantly more potent than other dietary antioxidants available.

Activated Phenolic Antioxidants

Activated phenolic antioxidants are more potent than other dietary antioxidants because they:

  • are 90% bioavailable

  • have more than triple the antioxidant activity of the closest comparable dietary antioxidant

  • contain 8 types of antioxidants across all three 3 antioxidant families

  • resist pro-oxidation and work synergistically with the body’s systems

  • have more than twice the free radical fighting hydroxyl (-OH/HO-) groups of common antioxidants

  • are 100% natural and not extracted or produced using chemical solvents

To achieve this level of potency the best source of natural dietary phenolic antioxidants has been used – apples (Malus domestica).

Apples are unique, in that out of the 1,755 different types of edible fruit, apples contain the highest proportion of free phenolic antioxidants. When extracted, these phenolic antioxidants provide the range of antioxidants your body needs on a daily basis. This includes the two strongest free radical fighting antioxidant compounds known (rutin and chlorogenic acid).

This may lend some truth to the saying ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away‘.
A proverb which has been passed down through generations in both western and eastern culture.

Through the benefit of world leading research at The University of Newcastle, Australia Renovatio is now able to offer a range of products that combat the cellular damage caused by free radicals and meet the antioxidant needs of everyone, everyday.